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About Acrònim

Acrònim is a communication, marketing and branding consultancy that works with a strategic and creative vision in the generation of brand and reputation for start-ups, SMEs, town halls and public entities.

Our mission is to help companies and organizations to dynamise their activity through marketing, branding and communication in order to make them more competitive organizations.


Who are we going to?

  • Startups

    We cover the necessity that a new company needs to open to the market: Logo, corporate image, web, social networks ...
    We analyze brand values, business strategy and business model to extract the differential fact and communicate creatively and strategically.

  • SMEs

    Marketing and communication services for small and medium enterprises. The Catalan companies are mainly nourished by these companies. Many of them are still experiencing the need for correct communication on the network. Others have the need to effectively communicate their products and services.

  • Town Halls

    In Catalonia there are a total of 948 municipalities. The vast majority of them dont' have a communication nor marketing team that works effectively in the projection and communication of the actions carried out by the municipality's government. In this field, Acrònim is an opportunity to take advantage of the corporative communication channels.

  • Public Sector

    We offer advanced solutions in communication. From Acrònim we offer a whole series of outputs for the public sector. The advanced management of the communication leads us to be able to offer from management means resources to the monitoring of brands to strategic management of the communication of the public body.

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